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Me and my brother only ones who can rock js and w/ the bowl cut hair. lol #TBT 1
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Me and my brother only ones who can rock js and w/ the bowl cut hair. lol #TBT

May 23, 2013


School has gotten to a point where I don’t care anymore. Maybe because of the fact that it’s almost summer. But I’m annoyed of everybody, all the teachers, students, classes, and the work. Work that I know I won’t be using in the future. I just want to get this year done and move on to the next. I’ll be ready for Senior year. Though once summer starts, I’ll be so relieved and can finally relax for once. I will finally have the time to do things I need/want to do. I will enjoy all the opportunities I get and make this summer last.

That’s what my mind will be on until then.

May 23, 2013


I’ve got a group of friends that aren’t mainly asian, but russians, mexicans, white, european, and shit, couple black friends too. I got people asking me just because I’m asian, why aren’t you chilling with them asians? I mean, I don’t hate them, but really? I’ve learned how easily it is to make friends just by being yourself, and not by fitting in. I grew up with most of the people I hung out with and it’s scary seeing most of them change. Well, some mature quick, but others stay the same. And those immature ones just needs to grow the f-ck up and stop being annoying. I always mind my own business, but that doesn’t mean I’m not listening. Learn your place.

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